photo of joshua delungJoshua DeLung communicates strategically and digitally for government and commercial organizations, currently as a digital engagement manager at a Washington, D.C.-area consulting firm. His expertise spans the communication arena, with experience in journalism, public relations, marketing, advertising, digital media and even teaching communication skills at the collegiate level.

Josh previously served as a U.S. Army Abrams tank driver, and as gunner in a cavalry squadron on the Bradley Fighting Vehicle, as part of the 150th Armored Reconnaissance Squadron within the West Virginia Army National Guard. In addition to his military experience, Josh has worked as a consultant to several government agencies, sometimes at the classified level.

A native West Virginian, Josh is an ardent proponent for alternative energy and fiscal solutions that decrease dependence on a fossil-fueled economy. He hopes to see a reduction in practices such as mountaintop removal that disfigure the natural beauty of countrysides, contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and limit the ability of people to live healthy lives and find new economic opportunities.

In his spare time, you’ll find Josh playing video games that have deep narratives and stunning art styles, reading science fiction, on social media, blogging and enjoying food and fun with friends and family. As a graduate of both Marshall University and Virginia Tech, it’s also not uncommon for Josh to be screaming at the TV during college football season. and the information and opinions presented here are in no way endorsed by or affiliated with any entities mentioned or implied herein.